At Emily Wratten Dance Fitness It is in our best interest to provide a friendly and secure environment for all students. Our company follows the code of conduct set by the Royal Academy of Dance. For more information please visit

As a business we believe that every member of our team (students and staff) should be treated fairly and equally. We welcome everyone and believe that all participants have a duty to treat each other respectfully at all times. 

It is our duty to look after our students in a safe and supportive setting. Any concerns we may have regarding health and safety, mental of physical abuse, bullying or mistreatment and general well being of a child, vulnerable adult or staff member will be dealt with appropriately and reported to authorities where necessary. 

We assure that student will be supervised at all times. As a parent/carer it is your responsibility to collect your child at the correct time, we understand that in certain circumstances this may not be possible and we expect to be contacted in these cases. Failure to comply with this request may result in a fine. If a child is left for over an hour of the original agreed time and the parent/guardian and the recorded emergency contact for a child is un-contactable we have a duty to inform the local authorities. 

We want all of our students to enjoy their experience with us and therefore any bad behavior may result in students being suspended or asked to leave. Bad behavior is deemed as actions which negatively affect other students or staff members. 

We endeavor to promote learning, and want to both encourage and achieve the best from our students. In doing this, we will need to give feedback. We aim to ensure that all feedback is constructive and beneficial to our students learning, and as such, feedback will be delivered both verbally and physically. We will occasionally physically correct students to help them understand placement and to ensure they are working safely. If you object to this, or would like more detail, please get in touch directly. 

We ensure that all staff members and any visitors to the school have DBS checks (Formally known as CRB and ISA). 

A risk assessment will be carried out in all studio spaces used by us to ensure that all students are protected from hazards and any danger. We are committed to safe practice and will not be held liable if an accident should occur. 

To achieve the best health of students and staff we ask that students who are unwell (with a contagious illness) do not attend class until they have recovered. As a company we are not authorised to supply students with any medication. 

All data given to us will be used for our own reference only and will be protected.  For the purpose of safety please ensure that we are updated with any change in contact or emergency contact details.


We kindly ask that you arrive on time for each session.  Please understand that late arrivals can cause disruption. Students who arrive late will miss the warm-up increasing their risk of injury. Please avoid entering the room if there is another lesson in progress.


We ask that parents do not watch lessons as it can be distracting to students. Exceptions to this can be made for trial classes and pre-school classes where parents are welcome to watch and participate. 


We like to celebrate our students success and our classes and will occasionally use pictures to do this. Please let us know if you or your child do not wish to be photographed. We will request parental permission before taking or publishing any photos of videos of students for marketing purposes.  


Should the class which you are enrolled in be cancelled we will offer a full money back guarantee or an alternative class date. Any classes missed for sickness or other reasons will not be refunded. Should you miss a series of lessons due to long term sickness or injury we are happy to asses the case individually and offer appropriate action.