kids - ages 3-9
teens - ages 10-17
adults - 18+

£7 drop in  //  £70 per term  //  Private lessons from £40 (all ages)

How can i benefit from ballet? 

Ballet targets the whole body and improves all areas of fitness.  Regular practice can improve posture, flexibility and balance, whilst toning the body and improving cognitive development. 

The physical benefits of regular ballet often become visible within a few weeks of attendance and the positive effects on mental well being  are invaluable.  


We want you to wear what makes you feel comfortable. However it is important to dress appropriately for movement. Ballet shoes are great but not essential to start with, socks or bare feet are fine. Leggings, shorts, vests or t-shirts usually work well or anything stretchy. Long hair should be tied up and wearing jewellery should be avoided. Please speak with us if you are unsure. 


We welcome you to book a private class with us or join us in our regular classes.  

Contact for further information or to register your interest. 

When a body moves it’s the most revealing thing. Dance for me a minute, and I’ll tell you who you are.
— Mikhail Baryshnikov